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Windfall is a story-driven mod. The mod will feature over 40 quests spread across multiple storylines. A host of new content is being added including new armor sets, new dungeons and new factions vying for dominance in a new city.

South of Anvil sits Windfall Island. The once prosperous city of Windfall is ruled by the Varo Family, who settled there after being pushed out of the Cyrodiil Ė Hammerfell border when Tiber Septim consolidated his control of Cyrodiil. Upon the death of the beloved Count Alconis, the family and city fell upon hard times. The Countís eldest son, Brend Varo, is a leader of questionable competence. The Countís other son, Stilus, has been banished from the island. Brendís arrogance has sparked a rebellion in Windfallís Slums. The cityís thriving trade port and prosperous mines have been virtually shut down due to the problems originating from the slums. Only the arrival of a detachment from the Imperial Legion has kept the situation from deteriorating into a complete bloodbath. Despite the Legionís presence each side continues to look for ways to gain the upper hand and solidify its control of Windfall. Will you help the rightful ruler, Brend Varo, put down the rebellion and restore peace to the City? Or will you help the peasants overthrow the oppressive ruler and liberate the city? The choice is yours. And what of the rest of the island and its inhabitants? Do they care, are there outside forces involved in Windfallís problems, or do they have their own problems to deal with? The Varoís are relative newcomers to the island. Is there a reason they never expanded influence over the entire island?
We are currently looking for additional members to join our team. Currently our most need is for interior decorators and dungeon creators. If you're interested in joining this exciting project contact ed_conn@hotmail.com.

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