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18.1.09 - RELEASED
It is with great pleasure, and a little relief, to announce the release of Windfall. We hope you enjoy it.


After years of development, work on this mod is nearing completion. We hope to have a Beta out shortly. We will a full release shortly after the Beta testing. We really can't pinpoint when that will be. The mod is large and complex, and we still have a few issues that could cause delays. The mod is very dynamic. The players actions and choices will help determine the course and outcome of the mod. A player will face between 38 and 43 quests to complete the mod, the number will vary depending on the choices the player makes.

While it is hard to estimate, we expect it will take about 20 hours of playing time to complete the entire mod.

Over the last few months, we have lost another team member but have gained one, the Team page has been updated accordingly.

27.01.08 - STILL GOING
Contrary to the impressions of this web site, Windfall has not been abandoned. Work has been going on continually. We have however lost contact with some of our members during the last six months. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank them for the work they contributed and wish them well in all their future endeavors.

Those of us who remain are dedicated to getting this mod released. In fact, we now have an estimated release date: Summer 2008!

The links and progress pages have been updated and the team page has been overhauled.
During the last few weeks our team has grown with 3 members! Daedalus is helping with the writing as well as some texturing, Fezz and Jagnot will be decorating interiors. A big welcome to all of them!

6 screenshots have been removed from the Art section due to being outdated. But to make up for it I've added 9 new ones! They consist mostly of the landscape and various locations around the island, but there are also 2 screenshots of new armor.

The About section now has it's very own page and the progress page has been updated as usual.
The progress page has been updated with our latest advances.
This month on TES Cribs we get to visit Balendia Halvious and see her shop which couples as her house! So head on over to the screenshots section and have a look!
02.01.07 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!
We're going to start this year off with 3 screenshots of the Slums and a progress update.
Big update today, first let me announce that a new member has joined our ranks, everybody say hello to TonnyRules! A gremlin told me that he's an excellent decorator and that we can expect some good work from him. Next up we have 3 more screenshots for you, this time of the commerce section! The progress page has been updated again, and to top off this update I've put up a refreshingly new header! Enjoy :)
You will now be able to follow our progress by heading over to our brand new progress page!
29.07.06 - NEW TEAM MEMBER
New website launched!

Is it done yet?

Come check out our forums!

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